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Washington, D.C native story-teller LB199X is ready to step out and share his story, the story of being a Black man in America, in a fresh, fearless unadulterated way. A natural lyricist and writer, LB writes of the struggles his community faces, but his message is about bringing light to the darkness, the importance of helping your brother, for the good of all. LB wants his music to stand for being fearless, being unapologetically who you are, and finding your voice to encourage community to come together.

In December 2019, LB will release Color Us, a 5- track EP created to encourage his generation (children of the 90s) to be confident in who they are and dream big while remembering that achievement takes hard work - and failure. His message: be human and try to fail forward.


LB199X is focused on loving himself and continuing to find words to speak for himself - the good, the bad and the ugly.